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The Toob

The Coolest, Most Awesome Pinewood Derby
Car Carrying Case Around

This is the case used by the top builders in the country to transport their pinewood derby cars to Leagues and is now available to all pinewood derby car builders
(Developed by F.A.S.T Racing (father and son team))


Unscrew the outer wing nut and Pull Out the Protective Sleeve

Unscrew the top wing nuts and pull off the protective top cover

Place your pinewood derby car on the protective base
(In this case, I was packing Dazed and Confused for submission to WIRL)

Replace the top cover, squeeze in the padded side walls as needed (4 pads on each side)
and screw on the wing nuts

Place the protective sleeve inside the outer cover, screw on the last wing nut and
your investment is ready to go!


The Toob

The Coolest, Most Awesome Way to Protect
Your Pinewood Derby Car




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