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Pro-Shaver XT


Truing the Wheel Edge 

  1. Slide the Pro Wheel Shaver onto the Pro Hub Tool until 1 3/16 of the Hub Tool is exposed as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1

  1. Use a 5/32 hex key (included with Pro Wheel Shaver) to firmly tighten the Shaver to the Hub Tool as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2

  1. Loosen the screw holding the cutting blade with the hex key as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3

  1. Turn the adjustment knob at the top of the Wheel Shaver to lower the blade as far as possible.
  1. Mount a wheel with the inside wheel hub facing the Pro Wheel Shaver as shown in figure  4.



Figure 4

  1. While pressing the wheel against the blade, rotate the wheel five complete revolutions counterclockwise.
  1. Repeat for your other wheels.


Truing the Wheel Surface

1)       Slide the Pro- Wheel Shaver XT onto the Pro-Hub Tool, until exactly 5/8" of the Pro-Hub Tool is exposed as shown in figure 5.  Use a 5/32" Hex Key to firmly tighten the Pro-Hub Shaver XT to the Pro-Hub Tool.

Figure 5

2)       Use the blade adjustment knob to raise the blade as far as possible.

3)       Slide a wheel onto the Pro-Hub Tool as shown in figure 6. 

4)       Rotate the wheel and lower the blade to identify the highest spot on the wheel.

5)       Rotate the wheel 1/8 to of a turn and tighten the blade against the wheel.

6)       Turn the wheel counterclockwise and make five complete wheel rotations.



Figure 6

7)       Slightly loosen the screw connecting the Pro-Wheel Shaver XT to the Pro-Hub Tool.  Pull the wheel off of the Pro-Hub Tool  and slide the next wheel on.

8)       Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the remaining wheels.

9)       Begin with the first wheel again, lower the blade, and repeat steps 4 thru 7 for the wheels until the wheels no longer have low and high spots.

10)    For the final pass, continue turning until all possible material is removed.


 Important Notes: The Pro-Wheel Shaver XT is a hand-powered lathe. It removes tread material such that the resulting wheel is round.  With a little practice, wheels can be machined to within .001 inches.  It is intended for adult use as it requires adult hand strength to loosen and tighten the adjustment bolts and to turn the wheels.  Although the blade does not have a knife-like edge, use care to minimize the risk of an injury.  If the blade ceases to shave the wheel, the cutting edge can be restored with a fine honing stone or a fine-toothed file.  For best results practice with a spare set of wheels before working with your target wheels.  Fine cross-cuts may be created on the wheel tread surface which cannot be completely removed by polishing.  These cuts should not affect the performance of the wheel.


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