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Pro Axle Guide

Improving the Axle Insertion into the Slot

A number of packs state in their local rules that you have to use the axle slots as they come in the box.  That doesn't mean you can't improve how you insert the axle into the slot.  The worst part about the axle slots is that it is difficult to get the axles to fit into the slots straight and for all 4 axles to fit evenly such that all 4 wheels will sit evenly on the track.  This is very important for a properly aligned car which boosts speed.  The best thing that you can do is to find a way to insert the axle the same way every time to create a consistent pocket within the axle slot to hold your axles. 

The Pro Axle Guide is designed specifically to insert the axles into the slots consistently in the same location and to insert them straight.

Instructions for Using the Pro Axle Guide

Pro Axle Guide in Open Position on Right

With an axle partially inserted into the axle slot, place the tool on the bottom of the car with the ridge in the axle slot as shown below.  The gap gauge is positioned between the car body and the wheel hub to provide the perfect gap between the car body and the wheel.


Axle Guide with Initial Axle Insertion

Press the axle and wheel onto a hard surface while firmly holding the tool to the block as shown below.  Apply downward pressure on the axle and continue until the wheel is against the axle guide and will go no further.  Then press the axle in the remaining portion with your finger or other instrument.  Repeat for the other axles and you are done!!!

Pressing Axle into Slot



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