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This is the newly updated design of our most popular pinewood derby car body, "Jet Stream" where the jet engines are made up of three
1 oz tungsten bullet weights.  This pinewood derby car design has won numerous pinewood derby races around the country including 2 district championships.

As you can see in the picture in the middle, we have beveled the back of the jet engine slots for a more aerodynamic and stylish look and pushed the rear axles slightly forward to provide a stronger axle slot or axle hole design.  We have also rounded out the front of the jet engine slots for a cleaner look.

See our Weights page for details on the tungsten bullet weights
(Tungsten cylinder weights are placed in front of and perpendicular to the tungsten bullets to maximize potential energy of the design.)

(Please note that the tungsten bullet weights can be easily painted as seen in the Jet Stream extended wheelbase car that won the annual Corporate Race to Scouting held in Cleveland, OH in 2008. Our congratulations to Mike!!! )


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