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Fabulustre Finishing Compound



Polishing compounds (Also known as buffing compounds), are fine abrasive fillers combined with greases and formed into solid bars, pastes, or liquids. In the axle modifications, they are replaced by the highest grit level sandpapers.   Finishing compounds, however, such as Jeweler’s Rouge, Fabulustre, or Blue Magic represent the highest level of buffing for fine and precious metals.    They will bring out the maximum luster and create a mirror like finish to your axles.  Blinding finish and blinding speed!

Fabulustre is a solid material sold in tubes and is applied with a buffing wheel such as a chamois.  The buffing wheel is attached to a mandrel as shown in figure 1 which allows one to use the wheels with a dremel tool. 


Figure 1
Close-up of Chamois with Buffing Wheel Mandrel

 In this process, while spinning the buffing wheel or chamois in the dremel, allow the wheel to contact the Fabulustre finishing compound, transferring a small amount of the compound to the wheel as shown in figure 2. 


Figure 2
Fabulustre Finishing Compound Being Applied to Chamois


Then spin the axle in a regular drill at slow speed and spin the buffing wheel or chamois in the dremel and polish the axle as shown in figure 3. 


Figure 3
Applying Fabulustre to Axle with Chamois and Dremel Tool


After about 30-45 seconds, clean the axle with a soft cloth, leaving a brilliant mirror finish on your axle, the perfect axle for your Derby Dominator!

Fabulustre Finishing Compound




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